Tribute & Eulogy

This page is a tribute to my dad.

The following is the eulogy I wrote for the day of my dad’s funeral.


Many people had the pleasure to meet him and get to know him and each of them keep in their heart memories where their lives crossed with his. Moments of happy times and days without worries and at times unhappier times in days filled with fatigue, delusions and desperation. But in each moment our esteem and respect for him made us admire this special person.

His story speaks for itself, it started after a world war, in another time, hard times for everyone. To tell the story now would seem a romance novel. But the people that knew him, knew that life didn’t give him anything as a gift. All Amedeo’s life was a conquest, pushed by desperation, by the discouragement of being so far away from home, from the hardships suffered as to be able to offer a future to his dear ones.

He was able to suffer in silence and everything he achieved in life he gained with the hard work of his hands, with his strong character and with his intelligence.

Slowly slowly and with perseverance he was able to insert himself into an unknown environment which most times was hostile against ethnic people coming to Australia looking for a good future and he managed to achieved respect and admiration for his dedication to his work even from the citizens of this country and even here where some of his fellow countrymen gave up he was able to build a new life for himself.

He always had as his principal aim in life the well being of his family, not that of his own but that of his dear ones, starting with his adored wife who shared with him in a large part all those years of hardships.

In the passing of the years hisĀ  hard life became a little softer with the arrival of his 2 children and they created a happy family.

The distance of his dear ones left in Italy always remained his torment and not being able to ever see his father alive again was a sour mouthful to swallow, a further sacrifice that destiny asked of him.

He was still able to make many friends in this land so far away from his homeland, friends that went through the same things he went through. He loved Italy and Australia in the same way, he was proud to be both Italian and an Australian. Italy saw him being born and Australia took him into her earth.

The people who knew him will not forget him but will remember him as an example of a man with dedication, an upright citizen and a true friend. In one word a “gentleman”.

After months of suffering God called his beautiful soul up to him and even if in his earthly body is no more his life is imprinted in many of us, in our memories of him. He hasn’t left us forever as we may think but a piece of him will remain forever with us.

Now he is watching us from up there and if we could hear him talking he would be saying that his suffering has finally ended and that he doesn’t want crying or remembering him sick with cancer, but he wants us to remember him as that strong and stable man he was.

We will always feel the warmth of our father’s love, a flame that will never die. No more crying but smiling, because he is still in that smile, behind that courage to live and beside each and every new step we take.