Coming to Australia

After dad passed away I was helping mum sort through some papers and I found a book with a diary that dad had kept that talks about his trip and arrival in Australia.

It starts on the 2nd June 1952………

I left my home the morning of 2nd June 1962 and set off for the province of Forli. I left Forli at 2pm the same day to go to Genova. I arrived at Genova at 8pm that same night.

We left the port of Genova at 11am on the 5th of June 1952 with the ship called Napoli.


Napoli MV (1948~1971) Araybank MV (+1941)

We arrive at the port of Napoli at 4pm on the 6th of June 1952. We got off the boat and set sail again at 4am the following day. We passed the Strait of Messina and sailed along the coast of Sardegna.

We are now on the Mediterranean Ocean.

We arrived at Porto Said at 11am on the 10th of June disembarking and then leaving again at 2pm the same day.

We just crossed the Suez Canal, 180 kilometres long, and now we are sailing on the Red Sea.

Today is the 13th June and we just passed the Gulf of Aden and we are now sailing in the Arabian Sea.

Today is the 21st June. We arrived and the Port of Colombo and I got off the ship to take a look around the city. We set sail from the Port of Colombo on the 22nd June .

We are now traveling on the Indian ocean. On the 24th June 1952 we passed the Equator.


On the 6th July 1952 we arrived at the Port of Melbourne. We had to stop at a distance of 50 kilometres from the port so we could be disinfected.


Bonegilla Migrant Camp 1952

The 10th of July the disinfection was completed and we were allowed to enter the Port of Melbourne.

We entered the Port of Melbourne, Australia at night on the 10th July 1952. The same night we were transported with army trucks to the Bonegilla Camp.

At the Bonegilla camp I was sent to block number 7. On the 5th of August I was moved from block number 7 to block number 9.

The 1st of September 1952 at 2pm I left Bonegilla Camp . They were sending me to work on a farm belonging to Col Maslen in  Childers Queensland.

Cities I passed on my trip to Childers:
1st September 1952 at 3.15pm arrived at Albury.

2nd September 1952 at 6am arrived in Sydney.

Left Sydney at 8pm the same day;

3rd September 1952 at 7pm arrived in Brisbane.
Left Brisbane at 9pm the same day.

4th September 1952 at 12am arrived at our destination, Childers.


Cane cutting in Childers Queensland 1952-53

5th September 1952 I started my first job in Australia as a sugar cane cutter.

24th January 1953 this job ended.

24th January 1953 this job ended.

On the 24th of January 1953 I left Childers  and headed to Camp Rushworth.

On the 30th January 1953 I arrived at Camp Rushworth.

I stayed at Camp Rushworth until the 17th of February.

The night of 17th February 1953 I was sent to a farm owned by  Mr. Cornish in Ardmona for fruit harvesting.

21st March 1953 the fruit harvesting job in Ardmona ended.

21st March 1953 at 4pm I returned again to Camp Rushworth.

24th March 1953 I was allocated a job on the construction of the new Water Canal at Murchison at the same time living at Camp Rushworth.

8th June 1953 I left work at the Canal at Murchison and  Camp Rushworth to head straight for Queensland for the cutting of the sugar cane.

13th June 1953 arrived in Queensland and commenced work on the 22nd June 1953 for the same farmer as the previous year, Mr. Col Maslen.

4th December 1953 sugar cane cutting work finished.

9th December 1953 left Childers in search for more work.

The 12th of December 1953 I arrived in Sydney, found some accommodation and remained there for 1 week. I was then allocated a job, through the council offices, in a foundry, the Steelworks of Port Kembla.

On the 16th December 1953,  with accommodation at the Unanderra Hostel I commenced work at the Port Kembla Steelworks.

I left my accommodation at the Unanderra Hostel on the 27th June 1954 and went to live with and Italian family, Raffaelli, in Wollongong

I left my accommodation with the Raffaelli family on the 10th August 1955 and I went to live with the Arcioni family in Warrawong.

On the 29th January 1956 my brother Nito with his wife Norma came to live with me and the Arcioni family.

On the 13th of May 1956 we left our accommodation with the Arcioni family and went to live with the Spada family in Cringila.

On the 3rd of September 1956 my wife Eugenia joined me.

On the 22nd December 1956 we left our accommodation with the  Spada family and moved into our first newly built house in Cringila

The home dad built in Cringila.

The home dad built for us in Cringila.