If only our childhood would last forever and we didn’t have to grow up so fast.
So many memories of family, school, play, friends, holidays and much more all now in the past.

One by one as they come to mind I will gather them all in this one place to find.



1964 – I was 7 years old. Dad had borrowed some money because he wanted to go back to Italy to see his dad who was not well. I remember the ship, Galileo Galilei.

The Galileo Galilei on of the Lloyd Triestino ships

The Galileo Galilei on of the Lloyd Triestino ships

I’m not sure how long it took to arrive in Italy, it would have been close to a month. In those days it was much cheaper to travel by ship than by plane.

Unfortunately I did not get to meet my grandfather, he passed away while we were still on our voyage. I remember the ham rolls we ate on the ship, mum feeling sea sick most of the time, the kids parties they had, the big party when we passed the Equator. I also remember that we stopped at some port and that there were child beggars and there were men in uniforms beating them.

While in Italy I don’t really remember much, just a few things stand out in my mind. I remember that it was winter time and one of my aunts was going skiing and wanted me to go with her but my dad wouldn’t allow it so she promised to bring me back some snow. I remember when we were leaving to come back home my aunty took her ring of her hand and gave it to me.tumblr_mglu855RQV1rb0fmxo1_500

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